Expert Pest & Termite Treatment in Sunshine COast

Termites, insects and rodents in the home or workplace aren’t just inconvenient, they can be a health and safety hazard too. Our team at All Max Force Pest Management specialises in detecting, eliminating and deterring pests of all varieties in all types of properties.

If you’ve noticed timber damage, gnawing marks, droppings, sounds in the walls or you’ve seen a critter with your own eyes, give us a call now.

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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections


Most property sales contracts will include a conditional clause for a pre-purchase pest inspection. This clause allows you to cease the purchase of the property if any traces of termites, pests or structural damage are found internally or externally. If you don’t have a pest inspection clause in your contract before you sign, get one!

Having the inspection completed prior to signing the contract can also help savvy buyers looking for a bargain renovator’s dream negotiate for a better price.


Be sure to have your own independent pre-purchase inspection completed regardless of if the seller has had their own done. You’ll also need to book a building inspection to check for structural security of the home or commercial premises.

What’s involved in a pre-purchase pest inspection?

Our pre-purchase pest inspections are performed in accordance to Australian Standard AS 4349 1. During the inspection, we’ll go through each room, seeking signs of current and past termite inhabitancy and timber damage. 

In rare instances, some sellers block access to some rooms or areas of the property. Prior to accessing the building, we ask sellers to ensure there are no interferences. Our inspectors know the signs to look for when it comes to deliberate attempts of covering up problems, and will make every effort to provide a thorough report.

Internal & External Pest Reports

Did you know termite colonies can have up to 2 million occupants with some subterranean termite queens laying up to 2,000 eggs per day? It’s no wonder termites can do a lot of damage in such a short amount of time. For this reason, it’s recommended every property has a comprehensive pest report completed every 12 months.

As termites can access spaces as small as 2mm, we assess every crevice of the property we can access. This includes the roof voids, garages, sheds, outdoor structures and walls. 

Once we’ve finished the inspection, we’ll provide a complete written report with recommendations for protection barriers, treatment and possible changes you can make around the home to deter termites and other pests.

Termite Treatment

If you have termites, you need to act fast. After you call us, we’ll make a time to come and address your termite problem as soon as possible.

Our termite specialists use the highly effective treatment products from leading brand Termidor—in particular, Termidor’s High Efficiency (HE) termiticide.This product does what few can. It spreads deep within the soil, can be applied to shallow trenches and to discreet areas, such as grout lines.

By using Termidor HE, we make our services effective and efficient. Every termite treatment provided by our team comes with a 12-month warranty.

Termite Protection Barriers

The ultimate goal for any property owner is to prevent termites from accessing their home or workplace in the first place. A call to our team at All Max Force Pest Management will provide you with protection from termites for up to 50 years.

To achieve these results, we use HomeGuard®’s precision termite management system. This revolutionary termite deterrent combines both physical and chemical barriers to perform 3 key roles:

  1. Repel termites
  1. Kill termites on contact
  1. Create a vapour barrier & damp-proofing membrane

HomeGuard® are so confident in their product, they have a 50-year warranty of up to $1million. For more information, talk to our termite specialists on the Sunshine Coast now.

TERM-seal provides high quality treatments and termite barriers for your home. Although the termite proofing may not be as exciting as choosing the design of your new kitchen or the tiles for your bathroom it is far more important. For more information, talk to our termite specialists on the Sunshine Coast now.

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Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Australians are no strangers to cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, rodents and other pests—but it doesn’t mean we want them in our homes. At All Max Force Pest Management, we can eliminate and deter all types of unwanted guests in homes and workplaces throughout the Sunshine Coast. 

Any type of property, any type of pest, just give us a call.